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oleh kerana ada kwn2 saya dok tanya apa benefit amik kolagen ni..maka kat sini saya buat entri kebaikan kolagen ..maaf la kalau bosan ngn perkataan kolagen hehe tak rajin nak create blog baru sbb tak larat nak menten …

saya sertakan sekali gambar saya sebelum pengambilan kolagen dan terkini…maaf la kalau anda rasa saya perasan syiok sendiri yer…yg pasti ada perubahan

so ni saya tak translate..saya tulis semula dari brochure yg supplier kasi..

1. Regular use of collagen can act on the visible signs of ageing ,smoothes fine lines and wrinkles ,firms,tones and plumps up the skin ,improve skin elasticity ,helps to achieve glowing ,radiant complexion ,strengthens  nails ,improves the condition of hair ,reduce cellulite ,improves sleep patterns.

2. It can increase water-biding capacity to skin reduce problems due to dry skin

3.Collagen functions as a chondroprotective agent ,which means that it protects cartilage and synovial fluid against deterioration and is the raw material for cartilage synthesis and repair.It can also reduce oxidative damage to joints and therefore stimulate significant reductions in joint pain ,tenderness and swelling.It reduce the pain for those with joint problems ie osteoarthritis

4.Collagen naturally contains 15% glucosamine sulphate and 15% chondroitin sulphate.Collagen is non-toxic and has no known side effects unlike regularity prescribed immuno-suppressant pharmaceuticals and non-steroid anti-infalmmatories eg.Ibuprofen. Collagen can therefore improve the quality of life of many suffering from aches and pains ,disoders such ad arthritis  and lupus.

5.Taken before exercise or physical activity ,collagen can have a powerful anabolic effect ,increasing both your energy and performance . Collagen helps athletes recover from exercise and sports-related injuries. It speeds injury repair.and promotes tissue recovery following exercise

6. Orally ingested collagen encourages the rapid absorption of the essential amino acids ,glysine ,proline and hydroxyproline that can preserve and replenish lean muscle mass and improve the management of the body’s fat.It therefore has a positive role to play in weight management and bodybuilding.

7.Collagen has also been shown to be an anti-coagulant.it can prevent blood cotting so can assist in the maintenance of a healthy heart.Diabetics should give it serious consideration.

8.As collagen is the building block of the skin it can reasoned that it can,as part of healing regime ,work to beneficially affect obstinate skin problems such as intractable leg ulcers ,burns and wound healing.

SEBELUM ..kulit kusam dan tidak sekata ,tidak licin/halus,tidak anjal


SELEPAS ..saya berpuas hati

boleh contact saya utk harga  ikut bajet anda ,
100g ,150g,200g ,500g


Peptan® is produced using GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) and ISO 9001 certified manufacturing facilities. As far as safety is concerned, collagen peptide is without doubt one of the world's best studied foodstuffs and it has been confirmed safe by the World Health Organization (WHO).
Peptan® is Kosher and Halal certified and has earned Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) status in the USA.
Peptan® is a registered trademark (registration is ongoing worldwide). **


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wah cantik berseri-serilah...lepas bersalin bolehlah try hehhehe

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