Friday, October 30, 2009


sorang mulut rapat..sorang mulut terlopong

yg terlopong tu ikut mama

dua2 nak tido atas mama....bangga mama...
kang anak tak nak ngn kite kang..terasa hati lak kang

dah 10 bulan aisya...sket lagik nk setahun ....kena plan something utk mereka nanti
walaupon mama dalam keadaan tak dak mood ..adakah aku tgh PMS skrg ni?


sampai bila ko nak tenung ana ooooiiii
dok tenung la sampai keluaq biji mata pon...tak jadik apa kalo dok tenung jaaaaaaa

keliru..kecewa...kenapa oh mengapa!

tekad nak buat sesuatu!

dah2....,hang jangan nak poyo2 pagi jumaat ni....
hari ni bonuslink day kat parkson...bahaya kalau shopping dalam ketiadaan mood ni...
ikut tak ikut tak ikut tak ikut tak ikut

Thursday, October 29, 2009


panjang2 gini tobat korang tak baca kan...
takper..aku tolong highlight yg aku rasa penting2 la
semua penting tapi yg plg2 penting


Have a good and healthy life folks..

A chat with Dr.Devi Shetty,
Narayana Hrudayalaya (Heart Specialist) Bangalore was arranged by WIPRO
for its employees .
The transcript of the chat is given below. Useful for everyone.

Qn: What are the thumb rules for a layman to take care of his heart?

1. Diet - Less of carbohydrate, more of protein, less oil
2. Exercise - Half an hour's walk, at least five days a week; avoid lifts
and avoid sitting for a longtime
3. Quit smoking
4. Control weight
5. Control blood pressure and sugar

Qn: Is eating non-veg food (fish) good for the heart?

Ans: No

Qn: It's still a grave shock to hear that some apparently healthy person

gets a cardiac arrest. How do we understand it in perspective?

Ans: This is called silent attack; that is why we recommend everyone past
the age of 30 to undergo routine health checkups

Qn: Are heart diseases hereditary?

Ans: Yes

Qn: What are the ways in which the heart is stressed? What practices do
you suggest to de-stress?

Ans: Change your attitude towards life.
Do not look for perfection in
everything in life.

Qn: Is walking better than jogging or is more intensive exercise required
to keep a healthy heart?

Ans: Walking is better than jogging since jogging leads to early fatigue
and injury to joints

Qn: You have done so much for the poor and needy. What has inspired you to
do so?

Ans: Mother Theresa , who was my patient

Qn: Can people with low blood pressure suffer heart diseases?

Ans: Extremely rare

Qn: Does cholesterol accumulates right from an early age
(I'm currently only 2 2 ) or do you have to worry about it only after
you are above 30 years of age?

Ans: Cholesterol accumulates from childhood.

Qn: How do irregular eating habits affect the heart ?

Ans: You tend to eat junk food when the habits are irregular and your
body's enzyme release for digestion gets confused.

Qn: How can I control cholesterol content without using medicines?

Ans: Control diet, walk and eat walnut.

Qn: Can yoga prevent heart ailments?

Ans: Yoga helps.

Qn: Which is the best and worst food for the heart?

Ans: Fruits and vegetables are the best and the worst is oil.

Qn: Which oil is better - groundnut, sunflower, olive?

Ans: All oils are bad .

Qn: What is the routine checkup one should go through? Is there any
specific test?

Ans: Routine blood test to ensure sugar, cholesterol is ok. Check BP,
Treadmill test after an echo.

Qn: What are the first aid steps to be taken on a heart attack?

Ans: Help the person into a sleeping position , place an aspirin tablet
under the tongue with a sorbitrate tablet if available, and rush him to a
coronary care unit since the maximum casualty takes place within the first

Qn: How do you differentiate between pain caused by a heart attack and
that caused due to gastric trouble?

Ans: Extremely difficult without ECG.

Qn: What is the main cause of a steep increase in heart problems amongst
youngsters? I see people of about 30-40 yrs of age having heart attacks
and serious heart problems.

Ans: Increased awareness has increased incidents. Also, edentary
lifestyles, smoking, junk food, lack of exercise
in a country where people
are genetically three times more vulnerable for heart attacks than
Europeans and Americans.

Qn: Is it possible for a person to have BP outside the normal range of 12
0/80 and yet be perfectly healthy?

Ans: Yes.

Qn: Marriages within close relatives can lead to heart problems for the
child. Is it true?

Ans : Yes, co-sanguinity leads to congenital abnormalities and you may not
have a software engineer as a child

Qn: Many of us have an irregular daily routine and many a times we have to
stay late nights in office. Does this affect our heart ? What precautions
would you recommend?

Ans : When you are young, nature protects you against all these
irregularities. However, as you grow older, respect the biological clock.

Qn: Will taking anti-hypertensive drugs cause some other complications
(short / long term)?

Ans : Yes, most drugs have some side effects. However, modern
anti-hypertensive drugs are extremely safe.

Qn: Will consuming more coffee/tea lead to heart attacks?

Ans : No.

Qn: Are asthma patients more prone to heart disease?

Ans : No.

Qn: How would you define junk food?

Ans : Fried food like Kentucky , McDonalds , samosas, and even masala

Qn: You mentioned that Indians are three times more vulnerable. What is
the reason for this, as Europeans and Americans also eat a lot of junk

Ans: Every race is vulnerable to some disease and unfortunately, Indians
are vulnerable for the most expensive disease.

Qn: Does consuming bananas help reduce hypertension?

Ans : No.

Qn: Can a person help himself during a heart attack (Because we see a lot
of forwarded emails on this)?

Ans : Yes. Lie down comfortably and put an aspirin tablet of any
description under the tongue and ask someone to take you to the nearest
coronary care unit without any delay and do not wait for the ambulance
since most of the time, the ambulance does not turn up.

Qn: Do, in any way, low white blood cells and low hemoglobin count lead to
heart problems?

Ans : No. But it is ideal to have normal hemoglobin level to increase your
exercise capacity.

Qn: Sometimes, due to the hectic schedule we are not able to exercise. So,
does walking while doing daily chores at home or climbing the stairs in
the house, work as a substitute for exercise?

Ans : Certainly. Avoid sitting continuously for more than half an hour and
even the act of getting out of the chair and going to another chair and
sitting helps a lot.

Qn: Is there a relation between heart problems and blood sugar?

Ans: Yes. A strong relationship since diabetics are more vulnerable to
heart attacks than non-diabetics.

Qn: What are the things one needs to take care of after a heart operation?

Ans : Diet, exercise, drugs on time , Control cholesterol, BP, weight..

Qn: Are people working on night shifts more vulnerable to heart disease
when compared to day shift workers?

Ans : No.

Qn: What are the modern anti-hypertensive drugs?

Ans : There are hundreds of drugs and your doctor will chose the right
combination for your problem, but my suggestion is to avoid the drugs and
go for natural ways of controlling blood pressure by walk, diet to
reduce weight and changing attitudes towards lifestyles.

Qn: Does dispirin or similar headache pills increase the risk of heart

Ans : No.

Qn: Why is the rate of heart attacks more in men than in women?

Ans : Nature protects women till the age of 45.

Qn: How can one keep the heart in a good condition?

Ans : Eat a healthy diet, avoid junk food, exercise everyday, do not smoke
and, go for health checkup s if you are past the age of 30 ( once in
six months recommended) ....

Source :Forwaded email


lepas sekolah masing2 bawak haluan..walau dok kerja dekat2 area sini tapi jarang bertembung pon ,kalau takat bertembung kat alam maya tu ada la..hehe
baru2 ni dapat la bertemu selepas 12 tahun tak jmpa..since 1997 abih spm...
ada yg menten..ada yg kembang....eehe yg kembang2 jgn terasa la naaa..
gambar2 aku curik dari facebook....

tengok jer la gmabar2 kawan ku..ada yg bujang lagik tu hehehehhe

ni anak bujang ku..belom available lagik

anak dara ku jugak..yg dikatakan terbiar sbb aku dok layan gambar...fitnah sungguh KIRIN oooii

mungkin aku tak patut pakai baju kelawar2 gini..nampak aku gemuk sgt la pulak

ker camera ni kembangkan

fiena menten ngn senyum colgate dia..ngn bdan tak naik2..ngn muka pon sama mcm 12 thn lalu


mak2 dara

najwa..asben aku kata ..hang nampak berisi.. :P

kirin..,mat ,zul ,amber

yg dapat hadir byk ni jerrrr...huhuuhu
shahriman datang tak bwk anan ngn wife...nak jadik bujang katanya

paeh tengah praktis amik aura nak kawan jadik bapak satu hari nanti

aisya lak suka ngn budak laki..

gambar utk dihantar ke majalah mangga

"single,kl,29" hehehe jgn marah kirinnnnnnnn...kot awek dia terbaca ..mati aku dok promote pakwe dia lak

aiman dok terliur

laksa sarawak yg sedapppppp

makan2...pasni kite buat acara bowling lak yer...ke genting mcm korang cadangkan tu pon ok..

paeh jadi pengasuh kejap..aku nak berjoyah2

bapak kandung dia pi kejar aiman berlari2 ntah ke mana

kirin ..lupakan kenangan lama mu..dah jadi bini org dah fiena tu :P

ambe ngn mat..sama ja depa ni

paeh..penuh kesenian tgk rupa dia ni

zul..manager dah skrg ni...lebatttt ooooo bonus 6-7 bulan maybank bagi...

single lagik :) hehehe..jerawat tu sama mcm dulu zul ooooiiii :)

byk sgt kemera..dah juling mata kemana tak tau

amik berkat yer fiena :)
ada la rezki hang nnt ...

entri update mcm dalam ketiadaan mood

Wednesday, October 28, 2009


saya serabut sekarang (work)
keserabutan saya menyebabkan saya terlupa itu ini sebab dalam kepala dok pikir hal2 serabut tu saja

sampai terlupa nak tutup gate..sib baik pakai remote.. ..cehh nk cakap gak tu hahaha
sampai terlupa nak u-turn..dok berangan kat trafic light..
sampai terlupa nak amik petty cash claim 2 minggu dah terlupa
sampai terlupa ..........................................

sampai semalam dok pikir nak amik kursus kemahiran yg boleh saya buat bisnes..ada idea..yg rasa2 sesuai ngn saya
saya jenis tak sabar..asben suh amik menjahit..tapi saya bukan yg sabar dan seni dan kerja halus

saya sgt demotivated skrg.. sekian

Tuesday, October 27, 2009


dulu ada org komen(abg long) kata "org laki perlu space banyak"
ni saya dah bagi space kat laki saya bersuka ria berlibur lagak bujang tanpa anak isteri :)

kecian sungguh aku tengok dia dok usha motor ..kat hiway kat tenet tak jemu2..

kalo tengah drive dia suruh aku rekod video motor kat hiway..malu aku..mesti org tu dok pasan aku minat dia lak nnt ahhahaha

satu aritu tu aku tertengok dia dok layan youtube....hihii nak tergelak aku..rupanya dok layan bunyi ekzos motorrrrr...hikhikhik..adooooiii ada gak org rekod bunyi ekzos tu..baru ku tau

ahad baru ni ..dia nak gi tengok moto GP...

aku suruh bwk aiman..dia taknak ..tak larat nak kejar nnt...

aku mmg tak pegi..tak mau la jadi peristiwa tunggu dalam keta lagik..

oleh itu.......adala habuan gak kat aku dok umah ni...hehehhe :)

pasni..layan jer la gambar...aku tak tau nak caption apa

ramai tul orang...dia kata dia parking dkt2 1km kena jalan masuk..huhuhuu

dia mintak hadiah motor ...sebab dia berenti merokok..boleh gitu???sabau ja la laki den
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