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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

nuffnang info

hiks..nampak nau takder menda nak update..
aku godek2 la draft entry..tgk ada benda ni..aku copy jer dari web derang...kadang2 kite terlepas pandang nak godek2 ni aku tolong godek dan paste ..baca jerrrrrrr..freeee

aku tgh berkira2 nak cashout my payment...hihiih ciput jer..tapi buleh laaa..nak beli2 apa

1. I have joined Nuffnang for some time but have not been assigned any ads on my blog, even though I have more than 20 unique visits a day.
If you have recenty joined the Nuffnang community, please be patient as we need 1-2 weeks to monitor the stability of your blog traffic.

The content of your blog is also important,as well as ad placement.

Finally, although we prescribe a minimum traffic requirement to join our network, it may take some time before you are assigned ads. While we do our best to convince advertisers to include smaller blogs in their campaigns, bear in mind that there are a large number of low traffic blogs. Ultimately the best way to be assigned ads is to attract more traffic!

2. Does the content of my blog determine what ads I get?
We do our best to recommend the highest quality blogs to advertisers, as well as ensure that the ads are placed in prominent areas. You may find that your blog does not rate highly if your blog is cluttered with ads (which means that ads from the advertisers will perform badly), or if your blog contains "spam"-like content.

3. Where should I place my ads?

Typically, Large Rectangle ads are placed after the first post on the page, Skyscraper ads on the sidebar, and Leaderboard ads on top of the page.

While you are free to experiment, do try to place the ads in prime positions.

4. My earnings have not been credited or updated even though I have been getting ads on my blog.
We assign ads in weekly blocks, typically from Sunday 12am to Saturday 11:59 pm.

Your earnings will then be updated at the end of this period. We will take up to 3 working days to update your earnings, meaning your updated earnings should be out by Wednesday.

This delay is mainly to give us time to audit for click fraud.

5. What is the difference between a CPM and a geolocated CPM campaign?

Earnings for a CPM campaign are calculated based on the overall number of impressions you had in the past week. Geolocated CPM campaigns are calculated based only on the number of impressions from a specific country. It is up to the advertiser to decide the type of campaign that will run.

6. My cheque and payment has not arrived but I cashed out last month.

Because of the sheer number of cheques we send out, we compile our cheques at the end of every month, then it takes us thirty (30) days to clear things with the bank, and from then on it takes about a week or two for the cheque to reach you.

Therefore, it makes more sense for you to cash out at the end of the month as it would be processed at the same time as cashing out at the beginning of the month, so your earnings are further compounded.

7. The average number of unique visits to my blog is high, but I am not being served ads.

A possible reason is that a high percentage of your traffic comes from outside the country. You can go to Analytics -> Came From to check the geolocation of your visitors.

Geolocated ads are becoming very popular with advertisers - however, we do regularly have campaigns that are not geolocated or target other countries.

To improve your geolocated traffic, you can try our blog aggregator, Innit.

9. What are bands? How are they allocated?
Bands are what we use to allocate earnings. They are based on your average daily visits in a given week.

If you have an average of 51-100 visits for example, you could be in band X, or if you had 101-150 visits a week you could be in band Y. Being in a higher band gives you more earnings if you are assigned to a campaign for that week.

The allocation of bands are confidential and subject to change from time to time as we monitor the overall traffic.

10. Why has my band changed although I had the same/higher amount of visits last week?

The band you are in is determined when we build a proposal for the blogs that should be included in a campaign and submit it to the advertiser.

Thus, the band for that campaign could be based on a proposal made weeks before running the actual campaign.

11. I have few blogs/URLs registered with Nuffnang. Why there is no analytics for one of the blogs?
If you have registered the blogs under the same domain, the traffics will go to the main URL.


All of the traffics will go to because the system cannot differentiate between a blog URL and a post's permalink URL. If you want to submit a new URL in your account, a proper sub-domain is suggested.


12. My exclusivity status shows as "Ordinary" even though I have already taken out other South East Asia (SEA) ads.

Please note that although we do crawl blogs regularly to check on their exclusivity status, we don't immediately change a blogger's status to Glitterati. It will take a few days.

This is to prevent abuse of the system (taking ads back off and on when earnings are going to be credited ).

Also make sure that ALL your blogs are exclusive, as this is a requirement for a blogger to be awarded the status.

Additionally, please make sure that the relevant codes are removed totally, and not just commented out.

13. I was awarded Glitterati status but recently it reverted to "Ordinary".

First of all make sure that you are indeed not running any other SEA ads on any of your blogs.

We have encountered a minor bug where a blogger does not properly detect as exclusive when he has multiple blogs and some of them regularly have no unique visits.

This is because our crawler excludes dormant blogs to save time. But when your status is displayed, the blog in question may have had hits on that given day, before the crawler has managed to update its list of dormant blogs.

This leads to your account being flagged as "Ordinary" because one of your blogs is not exclusive. A simple way to avoid this is to make sure all your blogs have visits.

14. What are buffered earnings / what are metered ads?

Metered ads are ads that are paid based directly on the number of unique visits you contribute to the campaign, as opposed to our normal paid ads which pay a flat rate based on which band you belong to.

You can be assigned more than one metered ad at the same time in the same slot, but you will not receive notifications about these assignments (because of the potential volume, and because the campaign duration may not be fixed).

Earnings for metered ads are also handled differently. Because metered ads usually last longer than normal paid ads, it might take a while before we credit the earnings to your account. In the meantime, we will show the running total that you have earned for that campaign so far as "Buffered Earnings".

With metered ads, we hope to achieve the following:
1) A better distribution of ads to more bloggers.
2) Lower fatigue resulting in better click-through ratios
3) More income since we can now run multiple advertisers on a single ad unit.

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Abang Long said...

Ramai yang sudah dapat hasilnya :)

~~ciklinn~~ said...

linnn ado ciputtt ja...

contactlens said...

Ciputt2 pn...alhamdulillah la....

PuteriSatu said...

a;a...ciput pun..alhamdulillah dari tak de langsung kan....

kirana said...

abg long, lain dah brp kalio cashout dahhh

ada brp..?hihi sebok tul

iyerr..better than nothing kannnn

aa betul2..

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