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Thursday, August 27, 2009

BluOxy ..breathe the difference

saya ada bluoxy..

nak bg broken lak..kalo korang rajin gogel la

bluoxy ni boleh guna utk menghalang virus H1n1
cara penggunaan nya :

-spray kat tapak tangan...lumur2 ..pastu ujung2 jari tu gosok2 kat hujung hidung..kira bg kena kat bulu hidung gitu...benda ni leh block virus

-spray dlm space
-spray dlm mulut pon boleh kalau dah teruk...benda ni selamat

dalam NST live with tan sri ismail merican pon ada bincangkan benda ni
aku paste balik sebahagian dari petikan NST kalo korang malas nk klik link tu

Dr Ismail: I wouldn't advise the public to get test done for mild symptoms. I would rather focus on patients who are admitted and those with severe symptoms. We notice that although there may be patients without fever, those with high fever have got the more serious illness. That is why we recommend anti-virals for those with persisting high fever.

Drama King: Is there a vaccine to stop this virus? I heard the death toll was much higher than what was reported. Is that true?

Dr Ismail: There is a vaccine that is currently undergoing clinical trials overseas.

Hopefully, this vaccine will be made available to us by October. As for the number of deaths reported, we have been transparent and there has been no under reporting.

Faizal: Can an active ingredient called BlueOxy be used against influenza A type H1N1 virus??

Dr Ismail: BlueOxy has apparently undergone tests to say that it is effective against H1N1

Tropicana: Tan Sri, why are pandemic hot spots not disclosed to the public? Doesn't this pose serious public health consequences when the public unknowingly go to such hot spots?

Dr Ismail: There is no such thing as a hot spot area as the disease is spreading quite fast in the community.

Kevin: Do you see an end to the influenza A (H1N1) pandemic in the not too distant future?

Dr Ismail: We have already alerted the public that this disease is going to around for a long time at least six months to a year.

So it is better for us to get prepared and adhere to the advice of the Health Ministry and take the necessary precautionary measures.

aku baca news ni kat klinik opis harini aku dah dapatkan satu :)


KV said...

kat mana di jual?

my little family said...

brapa henggit tuuuu...?

buzzybug said...

huh... xpenah dengar. huhu...

kirana said...

tak dptkan di klinik opis


ni cek nk bgtau bg cek niza dengaq

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