Monday, August 10, 2009



My staff was crying herself sick on Tuesday morning...was told that her son was confirmed of H1N1 in his Uni at Kangar, Perlis...worse was that when he was bedridden 2 days the warden didnt even bother to sent to hospital till his dad came fm KL and with his friends assistance brought him to GH Kangar....

No one bothered in the hospital and he was put in the normal ward for another 2 days!!! (imagine the amount of people he has infected!!) .....after 2 days and his eyes were turning yellow and saliva greenish...he was put in quarantined room...

Called his mom to say...minta maaf and ampun la dosa dia, etc...she practically fainted just telling me the story.. cant do much cos she x have enough money to go to the north with the father...

First thing we did was made her call the hospital and insist that they sent him to Sg.Buloh Hospital or any other hospital in KL since they seemed to be more alert and more equipt...they refused of I sent her off to Kangar the same day to solve the problem.

Whilst this was happening, SUBHANALLAH, I had a call from one Ustaz who was in town to "help cure" another H1N1 child in Shah Alam....and was told this simple prescription by him.....of course kena redha pada ALLAH and niat dengan sesungguh nya...selawat 3x...

for those with sore throat please blend the apples and keep on taking till your fever disappear and yr symtoms are gone....I cannot explain it but the child in Shah Alam was ok too after taking this tip.... staff's son was given the apple juice for the whole day on Monday/Tuesday and dengan kuasa ALLAH he was out of the fever yesterday Wednesday....she called me and was crying on the phone to say that her son was out of ICU and was able to eat normally...all these happened within just 4 days today (thursday 6 august)...

This is just to share with my fellow sisters and brothers and hope this small info could assist others as well, INSYA'ALLAH!!!!!!!!!! No harm in trying and kuasa ALLAH anything can happen!!!!


gambar ni tak forward.... :)
apple hijau utk jantung suami ku


genny da bomb said...

kita nak saja2 amal pun takdak masalah kan..hehehee..

contactlens said...

wah..cargas..complete tu..bagus.
ktrg bru try green apple juice & fresh orange juice jer...hihih :P

Abang Long said...

Entri sebegini MESTI disebarkan. Untuk kebaikan manusia.

my little family said...

Bagus Ana, leh kita share kan ekk.. TQ..akak dah sebar2kan td..hehe

NaZa said...

bbstr aku sms suh baca ayat dlm surah yasin.. ayat 58.
"Seorang Ustazah mengesyorkan kita membaca "Salamum kaulam minrrabirrahim" sebanyak 28 kali sehari , untuk menghindarkan penyakit H1N1. Rujuk yasin ayat 58." mende ni slalu gak aku baca klu fakhry demam ke, nangis2 ke kt ubun kepala dia..

2nd dlm forum aku baca plak;
Salam..... sy baru balik dari thailand. sy ke pulau temelang dan ban tun. apa yang sy nak kongsi ialah cara mereka mengubati penyakit selsema babi.
bahan2nya adalah

1. air kelapa
2. kurma
3. mangkuk


1. masukkan kurma ke dalam mangkuk
2. tuang air kelapa
3. biar sejam dua
4. minum air kelapa bersama makan kurma"

kirana said...

bulehhhhhhhhhh geni oooiii

biasala..pantas hehe

sebar2kan jer la..kite pon dpt org kasi

wahh bagus2..thanks for sharing..'kurma mmg sentiasa ada kat umah

mama uzma said...

infi yg bagus...
bleh di amalkan..insya'allah..

kirana said...

mama uzma,
ya..mmg elok amalkan..bukan utk h1n1 jer

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